Decorating with Mirrors: An Uttermost Mirror Reflects Good Taste

Decorating with Mirrors: An Uttermost Mirror Reflects Good Taste

Uttermost Jeremiah Mirror

It’s the time of year when a lot of us want to spruce up our homes a bit before holiday parties are hosted and out-of-town guests arrive. You may be considering area rugs, framed art prints, some colorful new throw pillows for the sofa, or maybe even a little painted accent table – all great choices. Here’s another idea: how about a mirror? Mirrors are so much more than things to put up in a bathroom or behind a door. There’s a whole world of decorative mirrors out there, in every shape, size, material and style you can dream up. One of the best brands for decorative mirrors is Uttermost, which we’re proud to have on iFurn. Here are some ways to use Uttermost mirrors to great effect in different areas of your home.

1. In the Entryway

Uttermost Tehama Small Mirror and Console at

Uttermost Tehama Small Mirror and Console at

Mirrors create the illusion of added depth in a room, which is why interior decorators often use them to “open up” a space. This trick works well in foyers and entry halls, which can be on the small side. There’s also pure practical value – guests will appreciate an entryway mirror to check their appearance after removing coats and hats. If your foyer is large enough, a console table and mirror is a classic pairing. (Good for living rooms, too.) You can arrange a holiday centerpiece or your favorite decorative items on the table, and have them reflected back. Uttermost offers several matching mirror/console table combinations, or you can mix and match to create your own.




2. In the Dining Room

Uttermost Prisca Wall Mirror at

The Uttermost Prisca Wall Mirror at

Mirrors are beautiful in a dining room all year long, but are particularly effective for candlelit holiday dining (or special romantic evenings in). A mirror will reflect the warm glow of the candles throughout the room, helping create a warm, cozy ambiance. Try a long, rectangular Uttermost mirror to run alongside and above your dining table, or a shaped or round mirror above a sideboard or server. Buffet lamps and cut crystal glassware looks gorgeous when reflected in a sideboard mirror.


3. In the Living Room

Uttermost Ganya Mirror at

Uttermost Ganya Mirror at

The living room is where you really showcase your decorating taste, and the right mirror can play a large part. You can use a mirror to reinforce and augment your style – such as a gilded Uttermost mirror for a classic room – or to create appealing contrasts. Try contrasting straight-lined furniture with an oval or serpentine-shaped wall mirror to bring extra movement and eye appeal to a room. Mirrors can also be used to add amazing textural depth and interest to your decor, due to the wide variety of frame materials available. For example, there are Uttermost mirrors with frames made not only of wood or metal, but woven wicker, rattan, rope, bark and other natural materials.

Uttermost Kimani Mirror at

Uttermost Kimani Mirror at


Mirrors don’t always have to play a supporting role in your decor– they can be the star. Oversized mirrors are popular on the market now, and they make stunning focal points for a room. Try an artistic Uttermost mirrored wall decoration for a conversation piece, or if you have the floor space, go with a large vertical leaning mirror. The possibilities are endless.

What are some ways you use mirrors in your home? Which of the mirrors shown is your favorite? We’d love to hear from you!


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