Radiant Orchid: Interior Design Tips For Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014



Get ready to jump on the biggest trends for 2014! For homeowners who are planning to re-decorate their homes, this is especially important. You want your home to have a fresh and modern feel, as opposed to a dated vibe. One of the best ways to ensure that your home will be designed with style and flair is to incorporate the “color of the year” as named by the Pantone Color Institute.


For 2014, Pantone has announced that Radiant Orchid is “the” color to fall in love with and incorporate into your home and day-to-day life. While certainly a stunning hue, the purple tones that make up Radiant Orchid can seem a bit overwhelming to the untrained interior designer. You don’t want to overwhelm your space with the color, but still want to use it to make a beautiful statement.

In order to help you bring this vibrant shade into your house, here’s a look at the color’s potential, and a few simple Radiant Orchid interior design tips.


Pantone’s Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid


As the global color authority and provider of professional color standards within the design sector, Pantone works to promote colorful expression in both interior decor and everyday lifestyles. After carefully charting future color direction and studying the ways in which color can play a significant role in influencing our thought processes, emotions and reactions, Pantone is most assuredly an expert on predicting positive trends, and pushing for the evolution of design.


Year 2014, Pantone has named Radiant Orchid as the latest in color trends. This bold and stunning hue offers a truly magical warmth to the beholder that is sure to both intrigue, and spark imaginative thought and creativity.


The enchanting purple shade is able to draw in the viewer, opening up the eyes, mind, heart and soul to new possibilities. With the perfect combination of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, this delectable color is sure to evoke a sense of joy, love and health within any home.


Bringing it Home: Radiant Orchid Interior Design Tips

  • Radiant Orchid Pieces – Because color trends change regularly, it’s not necessary to rush out and replace all of your furniture with Radiant Orchid pieces. The marriage of more transient items with more permanent furnishings is the way to go. Consider introducing a gorgeous, Radiant Orchid area rug to your living room, adding pops of color with art pieces or draperies, finding Orchid accent pieces, making use of trendy and fashionable slip covers for your dining room chairs. Your whole home doesn’t have to go purple – a few strategically placed Radiant Orchid pieces can go a long way in modernizing your space.



  • Color Palette – Perhaps one of the most important Radiant Orchid interior design tips involves color palette. Because the shade is bold in nature, you may prefer to counter-balance the effect with neutral tones. Radiant Orchid rugs, throw pillows and accent chairs can be made softer and more subtle when paired with beige upholstered sofas, white-toned walls, blacks or grays. For those who prefer to avoid going completely neutral, red and blue shades can be integrated into the space to add extra “pizazz” while still remaining harmonious on the color spectrum.

Embracing the latest design trends is important in guaranteeing that you are happy with the overall look of your home’s interior. By sticking with these Radiant Orchid interior design tips you can create a modern yet versatile space that will remain in fashion well into the future.



Blog credit: http://www.designspree.com/radiant-orchid-interior-design-tips

Photo credit: Uttermost






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