Simon’s Story: Uttermost Dog


1 simonSome people call me Big Simon, but don’t let that intimidate you. God just made me big (a slim 104 pounds, thank you). If I have a slight weight issue, it’s just a winter thing. Too much couch time.

Back to my story, when I was 6 weeks old, someone dropped me and my brothers and sisters off in the woods with no food or shelter during the winter. A nice man found us, and we’ve been with our family, including Tucker, ever since.

My favorite activity is fishing. My mom calls me a Norwegian water dog (a stretch at best), but I do look the part. I fish off our dock every chance I get. Haven’t caught one yet, or even come close, but I love to spend hours at a time watching, waiting, and then diving in the lake after every fish I see. Guess I just enjoy the splash!

Ok, now it’s time to stop reading, and just admire a few photos of me. My treat!

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Tucker’s Dog Story

1 tucker2 tucker3 tucker

Hi, I’m Tucker. Yes, this really is my home, and one of my favorite chairs.

Being a star isn’t easy. First this photo shoot… I was exhausted, but did get my share of biscuits! Now everyone wants my paw print.

Life is good, just hectic. We live on a Virginia farm with cats, horses, and of course, lots of dogs. I love the beautiful outdoors on a pretty day, but not as much as my warm bed at night.

Most of my brothers and sisters were rescued like me. I don’t know much about my early years, other than where I ended up.

When I was about 10 months old, my sister and I were dropped off at a county animal shelter. All I remember is being very afraid of people, and very lonely. I was rescued from the shelter just before my time was up. Whew!

My Mama says I’m a boxer/pitbull mix, and about 2 years old now.

Enough about me. I do have one favor I’d like to ask… the next time you see a dog or cat in need of a family, please help them out.

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